The Journey Begins…



“Start from where you are- not where you wish you were. The work you’re doing becomes your path.” -Ram Dass

It seems everyday you scroll through Instagram to see all these bendy, skinny gals folding themselves in half. Yoga begins to have this kind of stereotype surrounding it, and the thought of even trying a class seems out of reach. We hear ya! Its incredibly intimidating to even begin to think about trying a yoga class if you don’t associate yourself with the models, and paid Instagram accounts that fill our screens. But guess what… Yoga really shouldn’t be all that pretty… It’s there to make us feel truly whole and just utterly GOOD. The Sanskrit translation of Yoga means to yoke, or to create union. Union with our physical body, and the infinite power of the universe. Absolute clarity of the mind and soul.

Well… that still sounds intimidating. But, the beauty comes in the fact that you just need to show up as yourself, and craft your practice to see a change in your life. The limber body you may get is just a bonus to the spiritual clarity!

So, now what? Starting is the hardest part, and we have some truly awesome resources to share if this sounds like the path for you!

Good Elephant Co.

We understand that, in America today, yoga classes can be intimidating. So, we’re cultivating supportive communities of students, spaces, and certified instructors in our cities so that every student feels welcome in our classes. Because each person resonates with different teachers and different types of learning, we offer a wide variety of classes to choose from.  Explore everything from Restorative Yoga and T’ai Chi, to Beer Yoga and Live Sound Meditations. We also know that class pricing today can be out of most students’ price range. That’s why every community class we offer is choose-your-price, so our students can pay what they can, when they can. Finally, we’re keeping things joyful and supporting our communities by holding our classes in creative local spaces like coffee shops, art galleries, and community centers.

With locations all across Nevada, Truckee, and Tahoe- they are a wonderful way to experience classes in familiar places!

‘Sunday Sunset Flow’: Hosted at HelloYoga Apparel every Sunday evening at 5:30pm! This all levels Vinyasa class is the perfect way to wind down the weekend and prepare for the week ahead!

Find out more here: Good Elephant Co.


See the source image

“oneOeight is a global online community and yoga studio that offers the tools you need for a healthy, happy, and balanced life. Custom create your own yoga experience and learn through video based yoga classes, meditation classes, cooking inspiration, life coaching, and so much more. Welcome home. oneOeight was founded by Rachel Brathen, best selling author of ‘Yoga Girl’, and co-founder of Island Yoga, and amazing yoga and retreat center in beautiful Aruba.”

This online community is affordable, and the quality far out-reaches any other online yoga platform. If creating, or honing a home practice is the goal; this is definitely the place to go. We love all that this organization stands for, and offers.

To learn more, or join… click here.


Need more resources, or want to chat about anything yoga related? We love to talk about yoga… you probably wont get us to stop!

Email us at:, or call us at: 775-420-5357

Love & Light







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