Why You Need to Put Essential Oils on the Bottom of your Feet Every Night!

Written By: Jennifer Martin



If you are brand new to this world of essential oils, check out our blog post: Essential Oils to Heal Inside and Out before you dive into this post. (I promise, you’ll get hooked & will want to come back to read this one too!)

Along with using Essential Oils through aromatherapy, and internally, you can use them topically on the skin in areas of concern. I put oils all over my body, and find great success in the benefits. But, Reflexologists will claim that using essential oils on the soles of the feet is the most effective way to apply them. Okay… so why is that?

There are no hair follicles on the soles of the feet, and five layers of skin. Both of these characteristics work to absorb the oils into the bloodstream faster. The oils itself are so effective because they are fat soluble cells, just like those in our bodies. The essential oil cells permeate the barrier of our own cells and work to alleviate problems from that miniscule level. The faster absorption on your feet, allows this whole process to speed up.

Also, the feet have over 72,000 nerve endings that are said to be associated with our bodily organs and systems. The energy meridians end at the feet, hands, ears, and face. So it is only practical to use these teachings when it comes to oils. If you apply them to the bottom of the feet, they will be carried through our cells to all other parts of the body. In fact, there have been several studies concluding that just 20 minutes after application on the feet, there were traces of essential oil throughout the whole body.




Did all this convince you these oils might just work?!

The biggest part of making this work is actually doing it! Take a hot shower, grab your essential oils, and a warm pair of socks! Get ready for an amazing nights sleep!

Restful Sleep

10 drops lavender

8 drops Breathe

6 drops frankincense

Add all to 5 ml roller ball bottle and top with fractionated coconut oil


                Liquid Sleep 

10 drops Serenity

10 drops Balance

8 drops Cedarwood (or vetiver)

8 drops Lavender

Add all to 5 ml roller ball bottle and top with fractionated coconut oil

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