Gratitude Challenge, Day 1: Take a Thankful Pause

Written by: Jennifer Martin


Take a Thankful Pause. 


Find a comfortable seat to read this… somewhere quiet, and warm where you can settle into yourself in this current moment.

Take a deep breath in through your nose, expand the lungs and stomach. Sigh the exhale out your mouth.

Inhale for 1, 2, 3, 4…………… Exhale 4, 3, 2, 1

Close your eyes, continue this pattern for a few minutes. Focus only on the inhalations, and exhalations.





“The quieter you become, the more you can hear”



What thoughts and feelings arrived when you sat in stillness for this breathing exercise? For me, it takes quite a while for me to silence the brain, and settle into the habit of just letting go. My mind goes in a million directions. I have monkey brain; thoughts that jump like monkeys from tree to tree.

I have an especially hard time connecting to the present when I am incredibly stressed and busy (which is always). These times are when I need the contemplative moments the most, but it is so challenging to craft the time to make it happen.

This is the first day of working towards bringing gratitude in throughout our day, and week. This gratitude starts with ourselves. Finding a contemplative moment every day this week will reflect in your feelings when we finish this challenge.

Thank your body, mind, and soul for supporting our ever-changing, and demanding lifestyles. Give yourself some time to be by yourself, figure out how exactly you are feeling in that moment, and allow it to support your healing.

None of this has to mean meditation to you! This contemplation happens during a moment that you connect with! Take a walk, read a favorite book, or journal. The important thing is that you are creating moments in your day to give thanks for your time. Create value in the times to restore your spirits, just as much as giving other people your time.

We are so thankful to be sharing this gratitude week with every single one of you.

Share your progress and thoughts on Instagram, below in the comments, or face-to-face with the important people in your life!

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