Gratitude Challenge, Day 2: Attention to Self Care

Written by: Jennifer Martin


Alright Lovelies! It’s Day two and after finding a moment to pause and set intentions yesterday, it’s time to give some attention to yourselves! Before giving your attention to the world, we deserve to show ourselves some gratitude first! Our bodies work so hard to support us, we work long hours, and often put everyone else before ourselves. Here is the reminder you need to give yourself some much deserved love!

We thought it was very fitting to put this theme on a dreaded Monday! A day that often gets overlooked, let’s make it a day to cherish and appreciate!


“I have to believe that caring for myself is not self indulgent. Caring for myself is an act of survival.”


I want to list out some of the things that makes me feel so much better. I am making an effort to do all of these things at some point in time today! Join me by creating your own list, and crossing off some time for self-lovin’!


  • Hydration: combat fatigue, keep skin clear, helps with digestion. *Put in some lemon or lime to up the spa-like feel!


  • Dance-it-out: Move, shake, groove like no one is watching. Shake out all the negatives and jam to your favorite song.


  • Catch some Z’s: Change your sheets, take a warm bath, and go to bed earlier than usual! Bonus if you can turn your phone off before settling in for the night!


  • Reward: Make the moment special, don’t wait for a special occasion! Pick up donuts & coffee, buy something small you’ve been eyeing, or try a new class!


  • Recharge: Netflix and actually chill, meet up with close friends, or journal new goals for the coming months.


  • Prioritize: Say yes to the projects that fill me with complete joy, respectively decline those that drain my energy. Make a to-do list, and cross off the items that have been there for awhile- sit back and feel accomplished.


  • Create: Cook a nice meal, make a body scrub to use tonight, or start a bullet journal


  • ¬†Explore: Get outside to enjoy the fresh air. Find a new path to walk, drive a different way to work, try a new lunch spot.


These are a lot to choose from! But I am making an effort to do a least one from every category. The magic of this topic, is that if you don’t finish all these ideas today, you can continue to pamper yourself daily with a new activity. Make the time for yourself, and simply enjoy the parts of your day that make your experience unique & wonderful!

Comment down below the activities you participated in, and tag us for your daily prompt on Instagram! We love learning about your experience this week!


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