Gratitude Challenge, Day 4: Thankful for My Health

Written by: Denelle Padgett
       Every November people start talking about what they are thankful for. I love this and encourage everyone to take a step back for a moment to really appreciate what they are thankful for.
       I would also encourage everyone to do this everyday!! Not just in November! Baby steps like one month a year is at least a start, but imagine how you would feel if you remembered to be thankful everyday of you life.
Since it is my suggestion to be thankful every day, I will share with you what I am thankful for as well!


“The greatest wealth, is your Health.”


I am truly thankful for my health. I believe that anyone who has ever had an kind of health issue can agree with me, that you don’t realize how important good health is until you no longer have it.
I was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 34. I was a mother of a 3 year old baby girl, a 6 year old boy and a 9 year old step daughter. How the heck could I possibly have cancer? I was supposed to be concentrating on elementary school and gymnastics, not my own mortality.
May 2010 was the start of an ongoing arrangement of surgeries, chemotherapies, blood tests, scans, doctor visits, and an assortment of medications and supplements.
A couple years later, when I thought I was in clear, I was potentially diagnosed with ovarian cancer and two days later I had a radical hysterectomy, which thankfully and to my oncologists surprise, was benign. (And that is just a list of the physical side of my health. My mental health was sitting on the back burner. I didn’t have the time or energy to think about my feelings or state of mind.)
So, to make a long story short, I did everything I was told to do by the array of doctors I saw weekly with my only goal to be able to get back to my family and our “normal lives.”  Little did I know that I would be seeing my oncologist for the rest of my life and taking medication to keep any future estrogen based cancer away.
Today, I have resigned myself to the fact that:
1) I will have to take my medication everyday because I want to be old and Gray
2) I will never have the figure I once had when estrogen flowed freely throughout my body.
3) I will continue to have scans and blood tests yearly – just in case.
Today, I also know that I will wake up feeling thankful every morning.
1) Thankful for another day to tell my children how proud I am of them and how much I love them.
2) Thankful for the aches and pains my body feels, because I am healthy and growing older like other people in the 40’s.
3) Thankful to live a full wonderful life for as long as I am blessed to do so.
My doctors recommend Yoga,  weight bearing exercise and a healthy diet to keep me feeling good, reduce hot flashes and even mood swings!
Click here, to read more about yoga & health benefits if you’ve been on the fence about trying it!
And click here if you want to learn more about yoga, and the effects it has on Breast cancer!
Every day is a blessing we get to live and experience. I would love to hear about all of you, and your stories! Comment below, or keep doing your daily post on Instagram. We are so thankful to connect with you all so personally.

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