Gratitude Challenge, Day 6: Appreciate Someone

Written by: Jennifer Martin


Okay… I am going to get a little personal about my appreciation for someone on here! You may not have wanted to read a blog about me, me, me, but perhaps my appreciation for someone special in my life will inspire you to share the same feelings for someone in yours!

I would like to say just how appreciative, and thankful I am to have Denelle Padgett as my business partner and friend! There is no one else who understands my life more than her. She supports me everyday of this crazy journey , and I hope I reciprocate that support just the same! Owning a small business can be tedious, and requires so many hours of the day. Having someone that is there to back you every step of the way, makes this journey a magical process.

We stand behind the values of HelloYoga because we try and live our lives the same way. It is a labor of love to craft a community and space where all is welcome, and we can offer many different events and classes. The support we have for each other is the foundation of all of that. Thank you for being my person!

“If you see something beautiful in someone, speak it.”


We want to hear from all of you! Comment, post, call the people in your life that mean the world to you! There’s not a better time than the current moment to show appreciation for those you love and appreciate. Bake some cookies, gift them a pedicure, or just go catch up with a cup of coffee! There is truly nothing more fulfilling than feeling that mutual appreciation. Maybe our world would be a little bit brighter if we voiced these thoughts a little bit more often!

So this blog isn’t full of universal wisdom or tips, but it is from the heart! Continue to also speak your own truth, and you will shine oh so bright! I am especially appreciative of those of you reading this! Thank you for supporting us on this week long adventure!


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