Gratitude Challenge, Day 7: How Do You Show Gratitude?

Written by: Jennifer Martin & Denelle Padgett

Very last day of this week-long challenge!! It feels like it has been longer than a week, but at the same time, it seems no time has passed at all. I for one, feel refreshed, and reminded of all the amazing blessings I have in my life.

As we wrap up the constant talk of how we give thanks, I want to leave you with a couple prompts to keep this challenge going in your own personal life…

1. Create an atmosphere where all can voice their gratitude and appreciation when you meet for the upcoming holiday

2. Not everyone is as lucky as we are- and some do not have family to celebrate Thanksgiving. How can you create this personal connection with maybe just one person?

Right now, Northern California is battling some of the worst fires ever. Air quality is the worst in the whole world right now. If we could all donate something small- it would truly make a difference. Even if that’s just a note telling someone that things will be okay when it seems like it never will.

3. Set an intention that connects for you. To continue to craft this honoring of our blessings every single day.

My mantra right now is….

“I’m grateful for another chance to live my life.”

From the bottom of our hearts… Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for being you. A ray of light, and support, and connection. We feel the love of each and every one of you.


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