New Year, Same Beautiful You.

Written By: Noelle Ruggieri



Hello mindful movers,

New year new me, right? January is all about setting new intentions- all those dang New Year’s Resolutions. Will I keep mine this year? Probably not. Setting intentions are fab-u-lous, and I think are needed to help us continually grow as a healthy and happy human, but New Years Resolutions often seemed lined with negativity and have a lack genuine motivation. We can reinvent ourselves whenever we want, don’t let the year be the driving force for a change. Or maybe in the new year, we can find content with things we love about ourselves and would never want to change any year.


It is 2019, but I still love myself, so here is a list of things I AM NOT going to change about myself for any freaking time of the year:

  1. I will continue to blame mercury’s retrograde for everything wrong in my life- I swear it is not my fault
  2. I will continue to eat cereal for three meals a day because the box says it counts as a balanced meal. If I don’t eat cereal that day, you know I’m getting Taco Bell
  3. I will continue to watch too much reality TV and care too much about pop culture
  4. I will continue to have a messy room because, ya know, creative people are messy??
  5. I will continue to spend hours on Twitter or Pinterest, but still somehow not respond to your text until the next day (sorry)
  6. I will continue to spend way too little time tending and maintaining all the hair on every part of my body
  7. I will continue to wear socks with sandals and wear shirts and sweaters that are 5 times my size- It’s called fashion, MOM
  8. I will continue to pretend like I know more about cryptocurrency than I do just so I don’t have to listen to another conversation about it
  9. I will continue to spend the last dollar in my bank account on pants that look like 5 other pairs I have
  10. I will continue to spend hours searching for new music, just to go back to listening to Britney Spears



Now it’s your turn to journal about all the amazing things in your life already! Take a thoughtful pause to be grateful for the utterly powerful life force that you truly are! when you’re done, if you feel a new intention brewing: take this time to dream about bringing that to fruition! The goal is to bring sustainable changes to your life, that merely compliment the amazingness that you already hold!

2019, Bring it on.

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